Tricia C.

I had a great experience working with Candice to start me on an Ayurvedic journey. She did a full intake assessment and thoroughly explained the process. After a recent illness, I was excited to get started and try something new. My only apprehension was that my daily rat race life usually consists of toddler friendly meals (chicken nuggets and mac ‘n’ cheese are a favorite in my house!). Aside from giving up spicy foods, it wasn’t that hard and I saw very noticeable results. Candice really helped me figure out a manageable way to balance my lifestyle but also incorporate Ayurvedic practices that can make a real difference. Even when I’m not strictly following the Ayurvedic diet, I find that I’m more mindful of everything I’m consuming and the way it makes me feel. Candice was great throughout the process and I highly recommend working with her!