Nancy S.

I recommend Candice Trudel, Holistic Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Health practitioner, at Nashua Family Chiropractic. I just finished her three-week Spring Cleanse, and feel wonderful! Candice provided recipes, guidelines, knowledge about Ayurvedic nutrition, and ways to eat in a healthy way, so the group knew why we should eat as planned in the spring. She took us shopping to show us how to choose healthy food, and was available to answer questions throughout the three weeks. Through the course, we learned how to think of food in a better way and to make healthy choices, without the dreaded starvation that we always think of with a cleanse. There were plenty of options of what to eat, and luckily, I’m now able to make those better choices easily.

Candice knows her stuff! I highly recommend her to people who want to feel better, maybe lose weight, and want to make a major change so their diet doesn’t hurt them, but helps them.