Thank you, Candice! I almost dutifully followed your 12 day cleanse in May 2022, ignoring what wouldn’t fit my body and lifestyle, and implementing all other suggestions, especially incorporating many of the recipes. I cut out meat but not fish, dairy, added sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, for the cleanse, and kept it going, now six weeks later. In that time, I’ve lost 8 lbs., and as far as “cheating,” I mostly did the cleanse to reset my terrible sugar addiction, which made me feel awful and helped pack on too much weight, especially being home during the pandemic.
So far, I’ve only had three gluten- and dairy- free cupcakes, two scoops of ice cream, and a slice of chocolate cake (always eat chocolate cake from The Mile Away Restaurant!), and remained free of meat, caffeine, and alcohol (the last two were never an issue), with only a little dairy.
I’ve added many vegetables, beans, tofu, nuts, and beans to my diet, and when my brain says, “I want a snack,” I easily deflect to an apple or water with lemon. I’m also keeping sweets to the weekend, only once a day, so I can leaving the kitchen without any craving.
Your guidance, classes, exercise suggestions, and recipes were incredibly helpful. I’ve managed to change my bad eating habits to a way of eating I can use for years to come, and I would recommend anyone looking to reset their eating and lifestyle habits consider using your expertise to live a more healthy life.