Breaking News! Hidden Benefit of Mask Use

We all know that person, and maybe we are that person whose breath could use more than just a mint. You may have even noticed from wearing a mask lately that you are indeed that person. Masks may be the band aid needed to hide the halitosis, but it is no lasting fix!

Well no fear, Candice is here!

Bad breath is a signal your body is giving you that your digestion is working at a sub optimal level. And no big surprise, this signal works on both ends of the digestive tract. Yes, I am talking about farts! We all know that person that clears a room with the air they emit from their backsides. So be a pal and send them to this blog post!

Step 1:

Start tongue scraping. You may say what is tongue scraping? Tongue scraping is one of many lost artforms and once you start, I guarantee you won’t stop. You will need to purchase a stainless steel or copper tongue scraper, or in a pinch can use the back of a spoon. You scrape the tongue from the very back of the tongue moving forward until the tongue is clear, as the very first thing you do upon waking. This is removing the film that has built up on the tongue overnight during the time the body works on detoxification. Although we want the toxins to be eliminated in our stools, the tongue is also a place the body sends them, especially when digestion is weak. As digestion improves, the film also gets noticeably thinner and more opaque in color. You may think that brushing the tongue will suffice, but you are unfortunately mistaken. Just brushing the tongue pushes bacteria and toxins back down the throat for the body to try to eliminate again. You may also think you can grab that coffee and have a quick swig before scraping, and you would be mistaken again! No food or drink before tongue scraping! The act of tongue scraping also stimulates the vagus nerve and signals the body to emit digestive enzymes to wake up the digestive system. Whoa!! All that from tongue scraping?? YES!

Step 2:

Once the tongue is clear, you may now brush your teeth and then, super important!!!!

Have a large glass of warm water with lemon. This is not only rehydrating you after the long night’s rest and most likely some mouth breathing, but it is also aiding in firing up the detox pathways. We only detox as well as we digest and vice versa so these 2 simple steps are the easiest and fastest way to start waking up and cleaning up the digestive system.

Remember: Digestion starts in the mouth!

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All my best,