Body Talk

“Hello?! Wake up! It’s me your body!”

Did you know your body is talking to you? Like all the time?

Some of us are very in tune with our bodies and the languages they speak, and then there are those of us who seem to be operating without a user manual, or maybe the one they have is written in a foreign language and is impossible to understand.

No matter where you fall in hearing messages from your body, it is all about what we do with those signs and signals that make the difference in our health. The messages usually start out in a whisper and get louder and louder over time until the whispers turn into screams.

You may be wondering what a whisper from the body could sound like? Well it could be a number of things, and is usually something that we rationalize out of looking into or taking care of at the root.

  • Do you experience headaches after eating certain foods?
  • Are you constantly tired at certain times of day but just push through with caffeine and then unwind with alcohol?
  • Have you had a well formed daily bowel movement resembling a nicely ripened banana?
  • Do you find you get a stuffy nose after eating or do your eyes burn from overuse of technology?
  • Is there some rash that just keeps reappearing?
  • Do you feel this underlying sense of anxiety? Do you have heartburn frequently but just quiet it down with medications?
  • Is your blood pressure or sugar too high or too low?

So as you can see there are many, many signs our bodies are sending us before things reach a point that is harder to come back from.

Our bodies also send us certain signals during each season that clue us into what needs to be done to bring balance back to our bodies and minds during the seasonal transitions. Right now you may be experiencing dry nasal passages, or the beginning of fall seasonal allergies or late summer colds. You may have noticed eczema symptoms flaring up, irregular or loose stools, feelings of restlessness and anxiety.

If you are interested in finding out more about what your body is saying to you right now, consider joining me next Tuesday September 10th as I will be hosting Fall Into Balance: Eating With The Seasons. This is a 3 week workshop and fall cleanse series that will shed some light on the cues our bodies are trying to convey to us. Please reach out if you have any questions.

All my best and much love,