Welcome to The Ripe Banana

In honor of March being National Nutrition Month, I am publishing the first post on my blog, The Ripe Banana.

You may be wondering why this blog is titled The Ripe Banana? Well let me explain…

First of all, let’s get something straight. As far as nutrition goes it is not just important what goes into your body, but it’s truly how we can digest/process/metabolize/absorb/distribute the breakdown elements or nutrients and wastes from our food to our tissues or eliminate them from our bodies.

That last part, eliminate is soooooooooooo important!

In my opinion we do not talk about poop, yes I said it, poop (I said it again) enough in our American society. Well let me tell you- this is a safe space for all the poop talk out there.😊 Let’s not whisper about our poop, let’s really get into this sh#t! 😊

So now we can talk a bit about our constitutions, and don’t worry you don’t need to learn it all here in one sitting. That would be crazy talk. When I speak of or to client’s constitutions, which I do…a lot, I am speaking in terms of Ayurveda. The science of life, as it is translated. It is the 5 element theory consisting of space, air, fire, water, and earth that makes us up as people; our thoughts, our food, the seasons, nature, our habits, the way we digest and yes you guessed it, the way we poop.

You have different categories of pooping depending on your constitution: the people who are prone to constipation, people that are prone to loose stools, people that are prone to boughts of constipation followed by loose stools (irregularity, IBS). Then you have the stools that sink to the bottom of the toilet, those that stick to the sides of the toilet and that you have to wipe multiple times before wiping clean, you have people that have lots of undigested food found in their stools (and no I don’t just mean corn!). Then there is the mucous or blood, different colors- brown, tar black, red, green or yellow stools OH MY! SOOOO many different poops!!

With all of this variability in poop can come lots of confusion. So let me clear it up by describing the kind of poop we should all be striving for.

  1. We all need to poop every day. Yes, every day. Otherwise you are constipated. Even if this is your normal it is not your ideal.
  2. When you poop every day, here it is, here’s what you’ve been tuning in for…You are striving to have a poop very nicely resembling a ripened floating brown banana. Not too soft, not too hard, not too sticky, not too dry, not too heavy, not too light- the goldilocks of them all, The Ripe Banana. A big shout out to my Ayurvedic school teachers at Kripalu for giving me this beautiful pearl and visual.

Why is it so important to have your nice ripe banana every day? Well this is your daily sign that your body is processing your food and eliminating wastes and toxins properly. We only detox as well as we digest and visa versa. A telltale sign of a toxic burden is the sticky muddy stool. Constipation- where you can’t even get the toxins out just allows them to be resorbed in your tissues, which is no Bueno. Loose stools or undigested food particles means things are moving too quickly from your system to even absorb and get the full benefits. All of these things in turn lead to many of the imbalances we find in our skin, our minds, our hormones, you name it. But this will be a topic for another blog.

This may have led you to wonder how the heck can I get my poop to be like this? I have never had a poop like this, or maybe you are one of the shiny few who do have these prize winning poops on a daily basis. Either way, I am here to help you wherever you are on your pooping journey. So for more information or to work with me feel free to send me a message via email or Facebook Messenger and let’s get the potty…I mean party started.

~Warmest regards and happy pooping,